Annual RootRomp 10k Trail Run

The Root Romp has been described as one of North America’s most difficult ten-kilometer runs. It starts in the mountain village of Jasper at an elevation of about three thousand five hundred feet above sea level and winds up the hills behind the community. The net elevation change over the course is almost two thousand vertical feet. The route is a forest path and there are plenty of steep hills, boggy areas, and thick knarly roots. Every year there is at least one runner who gets lost and a few others with twisted ankles and skinned knees. The best time posted is over forty minutes as the course punishment adds at least five minutes to any good runners 10k time. The run is as beautiful as it is tough with evergreen and birch forests, moss beds, crystal blue lakes, and alpine marshes.

Last year the route changed to incorporate a full ten kilometers and follow some of the most challenging parts of the new Jasper Discovery Trail! In the past a bike odometer was used to measure the length of the run but this proved to be a fairly inaccurate method as revealed by a true GPS calculation. The old RootRomp was shortened by trail alterations and improvements and was actually only 9.4km. Too much of a variance to be considered a real 10k.

The race will follow the traditional path for the first 6.5 km but then diverts towards trail #3 and on to the new town trail. This route will also add some steep inclines to the last 1.5 km of the race and should have a marked difference on race strategy for the top competitors. A map of the new route will be posted to the website in the near future.

It is recommended to walk, bike, or run the course prior to the race to get familiar with the route and the terrain so participants will know where they are going and be prepared for some of the challenges of this very demanding course.