Run Jasper Information

Upcoming run events are posted here to give you a chance to compete in a beautiful setting and to make new friends. This site is hosted by Astoria Hotel. Please visit our our partners with the links provided on the side bar.

 Our generous sponsors & volunteers:

Angela StJean, Trina Mickelsen, Richard Ireland, Marty Parent, Stepha Andrew, Rico Damota, Blair Antler, Phil Walker, Leon DeClerq, Yvonne McNabb, Matt from bylaw, Totem Ski Shop and the staff at Totems, and the Jasper Sport Shop and Patrice and the staff at Papa George’s Restaurant.

Your participation is most appreciated by the organizers and participants of the RootRomp …… Thank you

 Our Next Schedule Run:

Run date: The 2014 RootRomp will be held on Saturday October 18th
Run time: 13:00 hrs
Run Length: 10 km
[box type=”download”] Download the registration form here. 2014-RR-entry-form[/box]

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